Visiting with my Voice Over Mentor

14 Nov


I recently visited California & was able to spend some time with my Voice Over mentor that now lives in California.  Bob Stephenson lives in Roseville (too bad I don’t live there – what a fun name!), where there’s lots of people & many businesses that need assistance with the “sound” of their business.  Being that I live in small town Jackson Hole, Wyoming — jobs for VO don’t come up that often.  It’s a place where people say, “Oh, my secretary can do it,” or “I’ve got GarageBand on my Mac, so I can do it myself.”  Overall, in my opinion, the world still has a long way to go in realizing how voice over can help a business with their branding.

Hanging out with Bob is always fun.  He is also a SAG-AFTRA actor & he is constantly using different voices to make me laugh.  & then I can mimic him.  It’s fun.  After all, it’s what voice over talents enjoy doing!  We had met in Jackson Hole, back in 2008 & he quickly took me under his wing to teach me how the voice over industry worked.  I’ve been successful & have learned so much over the years!  But, Bob will always be the man who started showing me the real way the voice over business works.  (Not the Fivver way!)

There’s lots to know about being a professional voice talent, & as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches – I remember to be thankful of what Bob taught me.  It’s a real business, one to be taken seriously.  

This holiday season, perhaps it’s time to think more about your business “sound…”  Maybe even starting small with your business voicemail is the first place to investigate.  How long has it been since you recorded your voicemail?  Does it sound dynamic & upbeat, so people will want to leave a message & have you call back?  As with any part of your business, a professional sound can do wonders for your branding.  And, in this day & age where people are getting lost in the mix – how is it that YOU can stand out?

And remember, what a Voice Over talent does?  Is NOT that easy!  We are trained to lift words off the page & make your business sound amazing.  Your secretary can’t always do this in such a dynamic way…

Being aware is the first step in making change happen.  Maybe before the holidays get started, you’ll too see what changes might need to be made with your business “sound.”

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Happy Recording!
Rose Caiazzo, Professional Voice Over Talent
Based out of *fantastical* Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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