How Yelling can Sear Your Throat…

29 Aug

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Yesterday, I went into the mountains.  I take time off from my businesses very seriously & when I want to be alone?  I want to be ALONE.  So, I went into Avalanche Canyon in the Tetons.

What I didn’t tell my mom (until afterwards) is that Avi Canyon is a lesser traveled area.  It’s not on any maps that get handed out to the Millions that visit here.  Ummm, in fact – you have to take great care with the maze of trails to make sure you are still going the right way.  Also, less people means more bear & moose.  Which means, you have to talk for hours on your own – to yourself!

I always try to put myself out of my comfort zone, & this was really dense forest.  I thought I saw a moose or bear at least 3 times.  I’m thankful my eyes were playing tricks on me instead.  In order to avoid surprising anything, I would yell/sing a combination of “No bear. No moose. No bear-no moose.”  & because I couldn’t clap (I use poles while hiking), I actually changed my octave to a flat, strange sound & said the words, “clap, clap – clap, clap, clap.” My yelling/singing combinations wreaked some serious havoc on my vocal cords, as they are very sore today – but, I know that my voice kept me alive yesterday!

I’ve seen lots of posts on the web about how screaming not only hurts, but can be damaging.  But, here’s the catch.  Vocal cords are rarely damaged by one overuse. The real damage occurs when you ignore the warning symptoms & pain. Using your voice while it hurts can further damage already damaged tissue. The body’s response to this abuse is to build up scar tissue to protect you, which then leads to scarring on your vocal cords, or the creation of vocal cord nodules.

So for now, I need to not talk much until I feel better.  My voice really hurts, but I’m just thankful there were no moose… and no bears!

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