FOUND! On Twitter :)

23 Jul

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So!  For those of you that don’t believe in the power of social media… Orrrrr, really just don’t “like” Twitter – I am here to tell you a potential client found me on this social media platform the other day!

They sent me a private message, which I quote below:

“Hello Rose, I am making a booking engine and management platform. I checked out your website, and I knew you were a social media pro but I had no idea you did voiceovers! I was very impressed by your youtube videos. I am going to create a couple demo videos (around 1 minute in run time each) for the main features of my tool and was wondering how much you would charge for recording the voiceover. I’d like to have them live in September.”

First of all, how very kind of this gentleman to write me this note.  I was in touch via email moments later & we struck a deal.  I secured this gig & it originated from Twitter!

I love social media & I know a lot about how to use it the right way.  I’ll always have that “techy” side to me, which also allows me to easily record tracks AND do production on them.  As the voice field continues to grow, we as voice actors will be expected to stay in step with the technology our clients need.

Love the VO biz & look forward to more jobs coming my way soon using social media  🙂

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Happy Recording!
Rose Caiazzo, Professional Voice Over Talent
Based out of *fantastical* Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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