Key Take-Aways From “The Future of Voice Over” Podcast

11 May

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Recently, I listed to a podcast by J. Michael Collins.  He’s been keeping tabs on the evolution of commercial voice-over and how consumer behavior is impacting its overall effectiveness. He cites that for the majority of content users, advertising is an unwelcome intrusion, avoided at almost any cost. What does the future hold for commercial applications of voice-over?

Listen to podcast here.

Although he spoke on many points, here are the key points I took away…

“Most 18-30 year olds have little affinity for traditional television, preferring to steam most of their content.”  I whole-heartedly agree because I’ve always felt the same about this.  Being an early tech user, I was always online for my entertainment.  Interestingly enough, I might have been at the start of this tend (although I’m a bit older).  People always glanced at me sideways when I mentioned I didn’t have TV. Well, I had one, but only to watch movies!  I was always on the internet or my early smart phone, which we called PDAs at the time (a Treo!), even from my early days in the corporate world.

“Let’s envision the VO marketplace in 2025: We may be entering a period where commercial work doesn’t exist!”  I can definitely see the area of commercial work reducing greatly.  We have to remember that we still need commercials for radio, if that industry survives.  For TV, it may be lessened as he says – but I also see major cable companies combating new technologies like Periscope, so that their shows (unique to their channel), are not shared & played for the masses.  For example, The Voice / The Bachelor or certain sports games where you need cable to watch.

“There’s been exponential growth in these areas of voice over: Elearning, internal corporate narration, internet video narration, animation, videogames, audiobooks.”  Agreed!  This will continue, & as he says – unabated.  I should really get on the audiobook bandwagon.  It’s not always easy to balance the tech part of this with the voice recordings, as there usually is quite a bit to do with editing once the tracks are completed.  To me, the voice part is fun!  The final tech on the tracks, is not.  Hm.

As he says, the industry is changing — as it always has!
As talents we need to prepare for what’s next.
The real question is… Are YOU ready?

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Happy Recording!
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