Pronouncing Words Correctly (Some May Surprise You)!

16 Mar

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I recently read an article from Edge Studio about the mispronunciation of certain words… & I was very surprised!  (You can find it here:)

What do you say?

Neesh or Niche?
Expresso or Espresso?
Diamond or Die-uh-muhnd?

Let’s start with niche.  The French way to say it is “neesh”& the American way is “nitch.”  When I see this word, I usually say neesh – but  admit, I agree that it does sound a bit elaborate.  What I didn’t know, is that the English always say nitch – perhaps showing less respect for the French pronunciation…

I definitely say espresso, but many times (at a coffee shop), I hear ex-presso.  Edge explains this later pronunciation as a segment of society that just learned it wrong & most that say this – will also say ax for ask & ex-cape for escape.

Now this one really threw me.  The correct pronunciation is die-uh-muhnd, but socially – we accept this being said as die-muhnd.  I did a little YouTube check for diamond commercials & here’s what I found:

Cartier says diamonds…

DeBeers says diamonds:

& Kay Jewelers says diamonds!

I couldn’t find one video that said it the other way…

Just sayin’!  So interesting though… So, as a Voice Talent I continue to learn & can be aware of these pronunciations & mispronunciations.  But, I know what’s ax-ceppted in society.  Um.  I mean aek-epted.


Happy Recording!
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