I Wonder About This Fiverr Thing…

16 Dec

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I have a pal that always sends me information on the voice over talents that win “Top Seller” on Fiverr.  It’s such an interesting thing… people interested in recording your voice over on this site (where everything is $5).  Here, have a look if you haven’t seen this yet:  http://bit.ly/fiverrallvo

Here’s some additional information about it.  “Today, Fiverr has expanded rapidly, with over 2 million gigs listed and 4,000 new services, across 120 categories, added each day.  Just over half the transactions are between $10 and $100 now, thanks to the growth in “premium” gigs, where advanced sellers can augment their services, which can now sell for as much as $500.  They recommend newbie sellers start with $5 gigs to test the market, and then slowly build up steam – and ratchet up their pricing – as they build their reputation on the site. Sellers who are starting out must be on the site for 30 days and successfully complete 10 orders before getting “promoted” to level one, which allows them to start offering gigs for more than $5. (Sellers join the site for free, and they keep $4 out of every $5 gig they sell.)” ~US News Report

So what’s missing?  The real cost of recording a voice over of course… Anyone in the biz knows that.  But, some of these people are doing this as a verrrrrry nice side job with the premium gigs.  But, I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon, rather – I like to watch.

This past year, one of my clients told me they’d rather go to Voices.com so they could select from many voices, in addition to securing better pricing.  They told me this like I didn’t know (I can’t help but chuckle).  Interestingly enough, I’m on Voices.com too – but, I didn’t tell them that.  For me, Voices.com is a place to capture the “right” clients, so you don’t have to spend your vo career beating out 100+ people for every gig you do.

The world of VO is constantly changing.
& I’m along for the (long-term) ride  😉


Happy Recording!
Rose Caiazzo, Professional Voice Over Talent
Based out of *fantastical* Jackson Hole, Wyoming

About Me:  http://about.me/rosevo
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