Networking… The Power of Being Seen!

1 Oct

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I just returned from a big community gathering, which had to do with politics.  Although I’ve considered myself “non-political” since, well… birth — living here in Jackson Hole has piqued my interest in this area in the last year or so.  I must admit, I attended mainly to “be seen” – but also to support several people I know that are part of the political scene.

As I was making my way around the room during a break, I saw a friend I know who is running for a particular position.  He’s also been in the business of running radio stations for over 30 years.  He’s done everything in the voice biz, including being a talent himself.  When he speaks, people listen.  It’s that warm, deep baritone that women usually swoon over – think George Clooney (I’m lucky that my boyfriend has the same sound too!)

After exchanging hellos, he said loud enough that all around him could hear… “Hey! I need you for a voice over. & I heard your demo on – that is an AMAZING demo you’ve got there!”  After blushing, I told him thank you, & the studio I worked with in New York City (Abacus Entertainment) was awesome.  He smiled & said he’d be in touch very soon.

That made me feel good.  Whenever someone’s been in the biz for years & says I’m good, it means something to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel good when anyone says they love my demo – but if you’re in the biz, you know what I mean.  I wasn’t even going to go to this event tonight until I talked to my mom earlier & she said I HAD to go (Oh mom!).

But, I guess mom’s right…
There’s definitely power in being seen!


Happy Recording!
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