The Agent Konundrum

29 Mar

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OK.  Well, at least I know my new commercial demo is really good.  I’ve been in the business awhile — doing jobs, listening to the pros & I pretty much get it when it comes to the Agent process.  But, that doesn’t mean I’ll be getting an Agent anytime soon . . .

However, I just recently did.
But, she then realized I don’t live in New York (I used to).
So?  I was promptly dropped.

Talk about a day with a serious high & then a super low!

Hey, but at least I understand it’s because I live in a small town & not many people are willing to take on a virtual actor. & I definitely do not want to live in New York or Los Angeles right now.  But, experiences can come with a silver lining >> She told me I was really talented.  Does it matter that a statement like this came from a woman who has been in the business most of her life?  You bet your sweet bippy!

It matters because for so long when I was a kid, I was told I wasn’t good enough for anything in the voice biz.  Which is why I changed majors at 20 & had to put the thought out of my head that one day I’d be an awesome radio gal.  But – life continues . . .

Perhaps I’m only meant to get smaller jobs in the voice over business, & really — that’s OK!  What I’m finding out is that the other business I run has taken on a life of its own.  I’m known in town for what I do, & I have several regular clients.  With more discipline, I know I can funnel more time & energy into my voice business.

The question is HOW to do this.
I’m still a one woman show.
A true Solopreneur.


Please let me know your thoughts on my commercial demo!

Happy Recording!
Rose Caiazzo, Professional Voice Over Talent
Based out of *fantastical* Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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