Why do Men Rule the Movie Narrator Roost?

19 Nov

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It’s been on my mind.  Maybe because someone just recently mentioned that I may be considered for a movie narration . . . for a movie about women.  How exciting would that be!?

Honestly though — it’s been known for years that the film industry still favors men, but maybe some changes are beginning to take place for the 1%!  “There’s more action for females than ever before,” says Cathy Kalmenson, co-president of the Kalmenson & Kalmenson voice-over casting company. “That said, there is still more male action than female action by far. When you’re talking movie trailers, 99 percent of the work is male.” < Source, The Hollywood Reporter >

And, one of the top reasons as to why this is?  Many say people are conditioned to hear a man’s voice, because it may seem more confident than a woman’s voice to announce a movie. Hmmm, I beg to differ.  I mean, I can really sound confident (!!)  “They” also say a woman’s voice is more suited to children’s content. Hmmmm, I’m not sure how I feel about that!  I can certainly sound like the lady from the magic treehouse (listen to a clip of mine here), but come on.  Women have strong voices too (listen to another clip that’s a completely different sound!)!

In addition, a disheartening fact is that the industry oftentimes skips using voice over at all.  I know when I’ve gone up to filmmakers at the end of their viewing, they sometimes say, “Yeah, unfortunately we don’t really have a need for voice over any longer. The documentaries kind of speak for themselves.”

Well, just as John Mayer sings, “I’m waiting on the world to change,” I guess I’m just going to have to change the world on my own (with the help of other women)  😉

Happy Recording!
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