Pushing the Dream!

26 Jun

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Yesterday, I was in a meeting with Mr. Dick Brooks – a veteran radio guy in the community radio area.  I was really excited our local station had him to our offices for a 2 hour meeting to chat with us.  It was all very interesting to talk about the business of free radio, but my one question continued to nag at me the entire time: How can I continue to expand Local Lady Talk?

For those of you that aren’t aware, I have been committed to writing, voicing & producing my own show, “Local Lady Talk” since 2008.  I started it to get practice with the controls & such, but my original goal from the beginning was to have a show so appealing that the larger stations would pick up & I’d go national (we need to dream BIG right?).  I know my show is dang good – I mean, what man doesn’t want to learn more about women!? However, I’ve been finding over the years there’s a couple of bottlenecks . . .

First one?  
My show isn’t in front of the right audience.
I live in a town with 10K people.  & not that many people are listening to community radio.  I work so hard taking the time to write the shows, voice them / interview people, adding music intervals & doing the final production – it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth my time any longer to do the show if no one is going to hear it & the station only plays it once.

I’ve learned: Community radio management does what they want.
Recently, my shows have been modified to their liking, clips of interviews have been taken out & show topics are being changed out a half hour before they air because someone thought one show was better than another.  Also, they’ve decide to limit my show to 1x per month, as with the rest of the talk shows.  Hmmm.  Tough to deal with when you don’t have a say — yes I know!!

& third?  
I’m done with doing all this work for FREE!
It’s finally sinking in.

Well, just when I thought #3 was the game-changer yesterday, Mr. Brooks asked me a question after I told him all of this.  He said, “Why don’t you just quit? I would.”  & I looked at him in disbelief.  But, then it came to me. The reason why I put so much time & care into the show: “My show is really good though! But, I’m aware I need someone to help me understand what the big stations want – so I can market it properly!  That’s really what I want – I want my show available to everyone!”

& with that? He told me he would help me.
No charge.  No if this – then that.  No trade.
He just wants to see me succeed. Oh, wow.
THAT doesn’t happen too often (!!)

Talking to him yesterday may have been just what I needed to light a fire under me. I’m sending my vision statement & 3 core values of Local Lady Talk to him today. &&&& –> I just got a bit more wind in my sails!!

Happy Recording!
Rose Caiazzo, Professional Voice Over Talent
Based out of *fantastical* Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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