Planning for 2 new Voice Demos

10 Mar
A shot of me in the studio, by Jeffrey Kaphan

A shot of me in the studio, by Jeffrey Kaphan

Wow. What a process!
Why did I think this was going to be easy?

Right now, I’m selecting scripts for my new commercial & narration demos. The problem? Myself, my Coach & the “comes with the package” Copywriter all have a different view as to what my demos should include.

When I first saw the spots that were written for me, my heart sunk. The copy was the same in 3 spots & then in another 2.  They were . . . boring. When I voiced my opinion, I got the ‘ol, “Well, he’s been a copywriter for years & years & years. So he knows copy.”  (Meaning I don’t know copy & I should just trust this unknown person that just writes copy?) My Coach insisted that this copy is like any copy for demos out there.

C’mon.  I know copy that rocks & copy that . . . um . . . does NOT.

I’ve been watching the “big guns” in VO for years now.  They say your demo should be funny in spots.  Powerful in the first few seconds.  Overall, interesting.  Otherwise, we know what happens.  They stop listening & then — you’re done. No deal fo’ you!

I hired a company to produce my demos & I want them to be GOOD!  I’m not an amateur, but I am starting to feel uncomfortable because they are treating me like one.  It’s also possible they forget that I’ve been in marketing for a very long while . . .

So! I move forward each day with deciding the demo copy & getting it together for my Coach’s review.  &, of course, practicing them to the point that they are the most rocking-est demos Agents have ever heard  🙂

Happy Recording!
Rose Caiazzo, Professional Voice Over Talent
Based out of *fantastical* Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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