Now You’re Talking!

11 Sep

With the designers / On the runway

For the past 2 years, I have been a model for the Western Design Conference here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I do the jewelry “champagne pre-party” show first (where the jewelry designers outfit us in jewels), to welcome guests – & then I participate in the fashion show as a clothing runway model.  This year I modeled 2 furs & 2 wool coats in the show.

Over the years, I’ve created relationships with these designers.  What amazing, lovely people!  I really appreciate their creativity with their items, whether it be cowboy boots (I just bought my first pair the other day!), jewelry, clothing or fine furniture.

But most EXCITING of all . . .

The person voicing the event (who usually never does emceeing/voice over) told me I should voice it next year!  We’ve already exchanged emails about the topic & I’ve been given direction = “Plan on catching up with Allison next June – she’s aware of your interest in being the MC.”

Being a model is fine & all, but it’s not really my passion.
But — being the voice of an event?  Now you’re talking!

Happy Recording!
Rose Caiazzo, Professional Voice Over Talent
Based out of *fantastical* Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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