More Cowbell . . . ummm I Mean, “MORE CASUAL”

24 May

How funny is it that one of the most difficult things for a voice talent to do is sound casual . . . I mean — really.  Why is it so darn difficult?  Casual?  Sure – if I talk casual then some people can hear my New York accent.

& THAT’s not good!

I have no problem being the radio voice, the voicemail system message, or even the smart, corporate woman most of my recordings require.  But, casual?  Gosh, I guess I need to work on that.  I say this because I was recently hired by a small studio in Los Angeles who kept telling me after each take, “Let’s try it again, more casual this time.”

By the time I was finished with the project, I realized that I must really stink at doing casual.  <sigh> Well? There’s definitely room for me to do better . . .

& be more flexible for the people that really want that “casual” sound.
I guess they really want ME. Hmmm, now there’s a concept!

Here’s an exercise I found online that I’ll start & repeat every day.  People in the industry say it can help a person sound more casual and relaxed.  It’s supposed to give your voice depth and authority without sounding phoney.

In the morning, when the voice muscles are more relaxed, sit down. Softly hum the first note that comes into your head. Shape the sound like “OM”, tailing out the “M” until your breath runs out. Continue doing this, going down the scale until you reach the lowest note you can chant without straining. The sound should resonate in the chest area, rather the my throat.

Until then — “more casual” is my motto!

Happy Recording!
Rose Caiazzo, Professional Voice Over Artist
Based out of *fantastical* Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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