What Goes into an Audiobook?

13 Nov

How difficult is it to create an audiobook?  Well, for starters – it usually takes quite a chunk of time & there’s a firm deadline.  There’s also a lot of speaking time.  Here’s some tips from people in this specific niche that give information & best practices:

  • Women authors are read by women, men by men, English books by Brits. That’s the typical rule.
  • It helps to read the book first.  For example, if it’s a mystery – we need to know whodunnit!
  • Research is necessary to avoid mispronunciations. Take your time & never guess!
  • If character voices are appropriate, assign them in the beginning. Study accents.
  • New narrators sometimes rush. Don’t drag, but don’t rush either.
  • We stop before our voice gets ragged. Vocal chords are muscles and fail without water. Hydrate or die!
  • It takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours to record a full hour of audio. The average book will be 11 hours & take 4-5 days to finish.
  • After it’s finished, the editor starts cutting pauses, loud breaths & mouth noises. Most books take a week to edit!
  • Proofers provide a list of mistakes & the reader must correct them (10-20 minutes’ worth). Matching energy is key!

Happy Recording!
Rose Caiazzo, Professional Voice Over Artist
Based out of *fantastical* Jackson Hole, Wyoming

About Me:  http://about.me/rosevo
FaceBook:  http://www.facebook.com/rosevoiceover
YouTube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/rcaiazzo


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