That Natural Sound!

18 Jul

Birds chirp.  It’s natural.  People read from scripts?  It’s not natural!  Here’s an excerpt of a great post I did back in 2010 on the subject of “natural sounding voice overs” . . .

— It’s important that your narrations or commercials have a natural sound . . .
And by “natural,” I really mean believeable!

Living in a small town, I see that businesses sometimes take shortcuts. For example:
“We’ll just have the manager’s wife do it.”
“The owner will just do the recording so we can save some money.”
“The radio station will just take care of it for us.”

And it’s hard to change people out of these mindsets. The reality most likely is:
* The manager’s wife has never done a voice over recording before
* The owner’s voice is not dynamic enough for the radio ad
* The radio station gives the ad to a DJ whose voice has saturated the market for 10 years

Click here for the full entry!

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